Sunday, May 18, 2008

April Racing and More and Some Less

I am going to start with the, alas, less part. I had to DNS the Boston Marathon due to my injury. But there is good news. My time in last October's Marine Corps Marathon was late enough in the year that it qualifies me to run the 2009 Boston Marathon. So hopefully I will be able to line up at the start next April 20.

RRFC at the RTBR: Who is In Who is Out Update
From last month: Erica, Sue, Kathy, Matt, Chris.

New to the team: Cathy my DW! Yes, and I had NO idea! Seems like the whole team knew but me until a few weeks ago. Sneaky gal. Right now she is working on her mileage and ran an 8.92 training run just today. Who knows, maybe she will sign up for one of the longer legs yet? Could a half marathon be in her future? Stay tuned.

Status update: It looks like Merle (our savior from last year) is on the team again this year! That is indeed great news.

Alia: Sorry to lose the team's youngest runner and a speed daemon to boot.
Ulli: Still having trouble running. The whole team is pulling for you to get everything healed and working again.

April Racing Updates

Amy: On May 4 (OK, so it is the wrong month for this update, but otherwise I will need to remember to post it next month) she ran the Burns Park 5K with her daughter Abby who is 10. Abby set a new PR at the race finishing in 39:07. Congratulations Abby! Keep pushing mom along!

Kathy: Ran the 5 mile Cambridge City Run on April 6. She finished in 46:26 for a very speedy pace of 9:18. All of which put her 10/25 in her AG. Nice job on pulling in a top half placing!

Sue: Started with the April 6 Danbury half marathon finishing in 1:36:29. Her AG place? If you have to ask you have not been reading this blog for very long! First place, of course. She was also 13/189 among ALL women! Next up with the 3.5 mile Donnelly Dash which she finished in 24:30. (Who thinks up these distances?) AG Place? You are not paying any attention now are you? First in her AG and 5/96 women.