Friday, October 2, 2015

The Fan Club Runs its 10th Reach the Beach Relay! In 2016 that is!

Next year the Rosie Ruiz Fan Club will run its 10th Reach the Beach Relay!  There are signs some long lost team veterans may return to the van.  For those of you interested in marking your calendars, assuming the relay stays on its typical schedule, the team will be departing for the starting area on Thursday September 15 and returning on Saturday September 17.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sad But All Good Things Come to an End

We are back from another great year riding running the Reach the Beach Relay.  Tradition has the team run through the finish line together in one big mass.  Alas, tradition also has the Orange Line stuck in a traffic jam as it tries to get into the parking lot at the end of the final leg.  This year the traffic jam won and I made through the finish long before the van arrived.  Which just meant the team ran through the finish line twice!

Today it was time for me to put away the team's supplies to rest up for next year's race.  While I was at it I found the team's kill boards.  You see many other teams take the race seriously and proudly display how many runners each of their runners has passed.  This is called a kill count.  Well on our team we count passing or getting passed.  Each gets you a sticker on our kill board.  The goal is just to get a lot of stickers.  Normally we do van pictures with the kill boards at the finish but with the Orange Line's late arrival sadly that did not happen this year.  As I was getting the team's supplies organized and put away I came across a very sad sight.  The kill boards that had never been photographed with their respective van members.  To help make up for that sad state of affairs I took a picture of them doing their best to keep track of our kills.  Now I am not saying the Green Line had a bunch of slackers but . . . well judge for yourself.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hanging at the Final Van Transition Area

Rosie's ride waits for the green line at the final vehicle transition area.

Denise and Karen explaining what it takes to be a winner in the race business!

Breakfast After the Transition

Breakfast at Popovers second year in a row!

6am at the Runner Transition Area

Dawn breaks as Rosie's ride waits for Denise to arrive.

Denise just after she finishes with Dierdre to greet her arrival.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Photos and More Photos!

Dinner Thursday night.

Morning at check in with this year's shirts!

Jen comes into the finish!

Jay coming in from his first leg.

By Popular Demand Lots of Pictures

Lots of pictures from this morning's van decorating!

Race Morning!

We arrived safe, sound and hungry at the condo last night. We went out to a so-so dinner. Then crashed for the night. It seems that I am up before everyone else.

Before the rest of the team gets going here is what the van looks like pre decorating. Thank you Andy for getting it!

How about the condo you ask? Here is a picture of that too.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Who and When: The 2015 Running Order!

I present to you this year's runner order!  Complete, for the first time(!) with expected runner starting times!  Yes, now you can follow your favorite runners in real time while they are out running or relaxing in the van.  What are those colors in the first column you ask?  Why our official van colors!  Most teams have boring old Van 1 and Van 2.  Not the Rosie Ruiz Fan Club!  We have transit lines in honor of our namesake's glorious ride to victory!  Out first will be the Green Line and then the Orange Line.  Orange you glad you asked?  Hold the applause, just send the team money!

Position Runner Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3
1 Jennifer 11:30 AM 8:55 PM 8:48 AM
2 Jay 11:52 AM 10:23 PM 9:42 AM
3 Andrew 12:39 PM 11:00 PM 10:36 AM
4 Kari 1:07 PM 11:37 PM 11:52 AM
5 Julian 1:30 PM 12:40 AM 12:47 PM
6 Matt RK 1:58 PM 2:16 AM 1:24 PM
7 Deirdre 3:31 PM 2:56 AM 1:46 PM
8 Paula 4:37 PM 4:14 AM 2:05 PM
9 Dan 5:29 PM 4:50 AM 2:59 PM
10 Denise 6:21 PM 6:08 AM 3:32 PM
11 Karen 7:42 PM 6:38 AM 4:08 PM
12 Matt S 8:26 PM 8:14 AM 4:39 PM
These times are, obviously, only approximate.  Keep posted as to how we are doing by checking back here every now and then during the race!  As a reminder we start on Friday and end from the looks of things early evening on Saturday.

Monday, September 14, 2015

From All Over the Place to One Place: The Starting Line

Ever wonder how you get 12 people from all over the country up to Bretton Woods in time for a relay race? Never fear we are here to answer your pressing questions! All over the country you ask? Yes I did! Karen is coming in from far away Seattle! On the red eye! Fortunately, Denise is picking her up at Logan at the crack of dawn. From there they tour Boston and head to Jay's house to rondevu with the vans. How about the Connecticut crew you ask? They all converge at Matt's house and head up to Jay's. Main? Drive down to Jay's! Cambridge? Drive to Jay's. See the pattern? What about Jay? Walk out the front door silly! That is it! From Jay's place the two vans head up and the team is all set to start on its adventure Friday at 11:30am! Of course before then we need to change an all white van into something like this one from the 2014 relay.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Weather Forecast - The Week Before

I have run the Reach the Beach Relay in six different years.  Count 'em, 6! E-V-E-R-Y blasted year it has RAINED during part of the race.  E-V-E-R-Y SINGLE YEAR!  Could this be the year that breaks the streak?  The Weather Channel offers up some hope that it will be!  Yes, I have been obsessively checking the forecast.  What else would I be doing?

Monday, August 17, 2015

The 2015 Reach the Beach Team

Team Rosie is once again in training for the Reach the Beach Relay.  Everyone has purchased public transportation tickets and is practicing getting on and off at various spots, running a few feet and then trying to look totally exhausted!  It is tough, but we are up to it.  In the meantime I present to you the Rosie Ruiz Fan Club 2015 Edition!

In order of how many years on the team:  Rookies:  Karen, Kari, Deirdre, Julian and Dan; 1 year:  Andrew, Jay, Denise, Matt (the other Matt), Jen and Paula.  Welcome back folks!  7 years:  Me!  The other, other Matt.

Pictures to follow!  Stay tuned and remember riding is better than running!