Sunday, April 13, 2008

March Racing and More

I am going to start this month's entry with the "and more" part.

RRFC at the RTBR: Who is In Who is Out?

This year's team sign-up for the fall Reach the Beach Relay is on its way! So who is in and who is out and who is still deciding? You want to know? We have some answers.

Erica: Not only is she in and captain yet again this last month she also ran a 5K race update with her 8 year old daughter Isabel! Next thing you know Isabel will be demanding to switch from team mascot to fellow runner!
Sue: Plus a race update below.
Kathy: As a bonus we have a race update for her as well!
Matt: Some race updates too.
Chris: Erica's husband Chris will be joining the team this year. We are all looking forward to finding out if they will or will not be in the same van!

Amy and Sally: Coming all the way to New Hampshire from Michigan a second year running seemed like a long shot. We will miss them in the van and on the team. For their the good news is that they are putting together a relay team for a race in Michigan. It is off road and it should like it will be a lot of fun. Best wishes on your race from Team Rosie!
Rodger: We are, alas, losing Rodger to the west coast sometime this summer. We are going to miss him on the Orange Line as well as on the team.

Ulli: Actually in if her knee recovers. I am pretty confident this means she is in!
Heather: On the fence and from what I can tell she is not moving! The team will have to work on that. But, she is back to racing and you can find the update below.
Paul: Alas, Paul is recovering from a slow healing hip injury. Still I have confidence that once it is all healed up he will move into the Yes category.

March Racing Updates
Now for our monthly race updates!

Sue: As always we can count on Sue for a race update. This month is no exception. On March 2 she ran the last race in the local Boston Buildup series. This is a 25K route along what must be one of the hilliest part of Connecticut. On this course the hills (no kidding) have hills! She clocked in with a super time of 1:58:15. This demolished her 2:06:15 from the last time she ran the race two years ago. Congratulations!
Heather: Heather resumed the racing season with the March 16 4 Mile St. Patrick's Day race in Fairfield. Her time of 33:22 seems like a good way to kick off what will be many races to come this year.
Kathy: On March 16 Kathy ran the Ras Na Heireann USA 5K coming in with a time of 28:49 which landed her 23/60 in her AG! Another great start to the new racing year.
Matt/me: Matt/I ran three races last month. The first was the 25K Boston Buildup which I finished in 1:48:49. Next came the Fairfield 4 Mile race with a time 25:32. Good enough for a new PR and 4/41 in my AG! My last race of the month was the 30K Boston Blowout on March 30 which I finished in 2:13:41. Alas, in this case "blowout" is all too accurate. During the race I suffered from a calf injury that I am still struggling to fully recover from. Bad timing. Let that be a lesson to anybody reading this: if you feel like you may injure yourself in a race (especially one you are not "targeting") you are way better off pulling up right then and there. A DNF is nothing compared to weeks of healing. On a happier note, the calf is getting better and will hopefully be solid in time for the Boston Marathon on April 21.

News to Come
If you want to see how I do in the Boston Marathon the race webpage will offer real time tracking every 5K. Given my calf injury I think a PR is out. But hopefully I can run the race and have some fun for 26.2 miles.

That is all the news until next month!


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