Sunday, April 3, 2016

A BIG Welcome the 10th Anniversary Team!

This year the Rosie Ruiz Fan Club's Reach the Beach Relay team turns 10! Yes, big news. I realize you have all been on pins and needles wondering who will be in this year's lineup. Well fret no more. The fan club reached its 12 runner limit in record time this year. Before March ended we had two complete vans. Yeah! Who is on the team you ask? Well I am here to answer!

We have new first year members: Barb, Chris and Kristen.

Returning for their second run/ride:  Bruce, Cathy, Dan, Deirdre, Dora

For the third time! Denise, Paula and Nancy.

Plus old timer and current team captain/Metro Pass holder: Matt.

I am also happy to announce Jay's honorary return. Even though he cannot make this year's race he has offered to let us use his house as a pick up, drop off and clean up point. A very gracious offer and we want to thank him for it.

Like last year, this year's race starts at Bretton Woods and heads down to Hampton Beach. We will depart for the starting line on Thursday September 15.

In addition to racing there are some surprise swag bag accoutrements coming this year! Stay tuned for hints. One, of course is a whole new t-shirt design celebrating the team's 10th year. In the meantime, here is a picture showing off the front of last year's shirt

and the back

The stunning couple in the top photo is Matt and Jen. Alas, we have lost both of them this year to a group from their neighborhood kids' school. If you have to lose some wonderful comrades it is good to lose them to a team they will make a great contribution to.

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UPS GUY said...

This will actually be my third ride with Rosie, but who's counting....Can't wait! Always a good time (upon reflection at the finish)JK ;) I am really looking forward to September, it's an awesome event!