Friday, September 16, 2016

Day 1: Time to Go!

For this year's relay we have stunning weather! Not a cloud in the sky. Temperatures starting in the 40s and working their way up to the high 60s as the day progresses. Kristen started us off with a run up Bretton Woods. Yes up! Way up. To the very top. Then down again. A tough 2.5 mile leg.

We are team 43 and you can see her in blue on the photo's left. Since 2015 the course route allows the two vans to see off the first three runners. So, while Kristen was mountain climbing we had time for a picture of Nancy, Cathy and me.

Team support is very important. Who has the best team support? Why the Rosie Ruiz Fan Club!

Nancy had the van's last run and here she hands off to Dora.
Then it was finally time for the Green Line to stop for lunch.

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