Wednesday, December 12, 2007

November Racing

Before going on to the team's November races a couple of pictures from races past are in order. First there is Heather's first place AG award from the Niantic 5K at the end of September on the left, and my third place AG award from the October Branford Shores 4M race on the right:

The way the web page displays things does not due justice to Heather's trophy which as a first place trophy is rightly much nicer! We are still waiting for Sue's second place AG trophy from the Marine Corps Marathon to show up. Now that should be a REALLY nice trophy!

November Racing

Amy ran the November 11 Ann Arbor Turkey Trot 5k setting a new PR for the race in 27:33. This is over a minute faster than her 2006 time of 28:44! Nice job. Of course this might mean captain Erica will have to sign her up for some tougher legs in the 2008 RTBR! :)

Heather ran in two races last month. The first was the November 11 New Haven MADD Dash 5 miler which she finished in 41:37 putting her a well deserved fifth in her AG! She then followed this up with a 33:24 5k on November 22 for 10/68 in her AG. This was the famous Run 4 the Pies Turkey Trot down in Palm Beach Florida. Heather collected a pie but alas reports it was a pretty mediocre one! Oh well.

Matt/I ran two races as well. The first was the very same 5 mile MADD Dash Heather was in. My time of 32:31 placed me 11 in my AG and 25 OA. A few weeks later I ran my own Turkey Trot at the Southport 5 mile Pequot Runners Thanksgiving Day Race. Another 5 mile race but this time I finished in 32:01 for a new PR! That was good for 14/509 in my AG.

Cathy (a member of the founding relay team, more on that some other time) ran the 5 mile Pequot Turkey trot as well finishing in 46:25.

Sue also traversed the Pequot Turkey trot route. However, she refuses to say she "ran" it since she was out to have fun covering the course with her daughter who was up for the holiday. No chip, no time, and no official race. But she was there and I did see her as she turned towards the final stretch!


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