Sunday, January 6, 2008

December Racing

October Update
Before we get to last month's races first an update from October. Want to know what it is like to come in second in your AG in a race where over 20,000 people line up at the start? Well I sure would. But since that is not going to happen I have what for most of us will be as close as we will get: a picture of Sue (who actually did it) and the trophy they sent her. Alas, it did not come with an anti-reflective glass so the pictures do not really do it justice. Congratulations again to Sue on this remarkable achievement.

December Racing
We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Rodger clearly was the racer of the month. On December 2 He ran the California International Marathon, which most people just call the CIM, in Sacramento California. His time of 3:32:52 was good enough to drop his PR by 28:36! A truly amazing accomplishment. This all came despite high headwinds during the race's final miles making his time all the more impressive. He finished 181/964 in his AG putting him easily within the top 20% of all finishers. Great job and congratulations again!

Sue, for her at least, it was a ho-hum month. Just two races. First place, of course, in both. Here is an edited version of her description of each:

December 2: Sue ran in the annual off-road run called Gail's Run. The proceeds support PAN CAN, which does research in the area of finding a cure for pancreatic cancer. Gail was a young woman who passed away from this cancer over 4 years ago. The race is in the Pound Ridge Reservation in Pound Ridge, New York. Sue ran the 6.2 mile course, crossing two rivers (without any bridges), climbing hills on all fours and running through beautiful wooded trails. She finished first female in under 58 minutes. It was an adventure run that she'll long remember.
December 22: Sue placed first in her AG in the 5k Fairfield - Holiday Run for Toys. Entrants in this race provide toys for needy children. She ran it in 21:07.


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