Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sad But All Good Things Come to an End

We are back from another great year riding running the Reach the Beach Relay.  Tradition has the team run through the finish line together in one big mass.  Alas, tradition also has the Orange Line stuck in a traffic jam as it tries to get into the parking lot at the end of the final leg.  This year the traffic jam won and I made through the finish long before the van arrived.  Which just meant the team ran through the finish line twice!

Today it was time for me to put away the team's supplies to rest up for next year's race.  While I was at it I found the team's kill boards.  You see many other teams take the race seriously and proudly display how many runners each of their runners has passed.  This is called a kill count.  Well on our team we count passing or getting passed.  Each gets you a sticker on our kill board.  The goal is just to get a lot of stickers.  Normally we do van pictures with the kill boards at the finish but with the Orange Line's late arrival sadly that did not happen this year.  As I was getting the team's supplies organized and put away I came across a very sad sight.  The kill boards that had never been photographed with their respective van members.  To help make up for that sad state of affairs I took a picture of them doing their best to keep track of our kills.  Now I am not saying the Green Line had a bunch of slackers but . . . well judge for yourself.

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