Monday, September 14, 2015

From All Over the Place to One Place: The Starting Line

Ever wonder how you get 12 people from all over the country up to Bretton Woods in time for a relay race? Never fear we are here to answer your pressing questions! All over the country you ask? Yes I did! Karen is coming in from far away Seattle! On the red eye! Fortunately, Denise is picking her up at Logan at the crack of dawn. From there they tour Boston and head to Jay's house to rondevu with the vans. How about the Connecticut crew you ask? They all converge at Matt's house and head up to Jay's. Main? Drive down to Jay's! Cambridge? Drive to Jay's. See the pattern? What about Jay? Walk out the front door silly! That is it! From Jay's place the two vans head up and the team is all set to start on its adventure Friday at 11:30am! Of course before then we need to change an all white van into something like this one from the 2014 relay.

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