Monday, September 24, 2007

Lunch/Dinner, a Shower and a Nap?

With the Green Line in charge it was off to something like lunch and dinner. It was past 2:00pm and our spreadsheet said to expect to get back to running sometime around 7:00pm. So whatever we could grab now would be it until early tomorrow morning. As in 1:00am tomorrow morning! The Orange Line drove down the road to get gas and spotted a burger place where we sat down for lunch. You can see it in the picture's background with the yellow umbrellas on the left. Our lunch spot was located along the race route and the outdoor tables gave us a great view to spot the runners as they came by.

Here is Erica right after declaring that I would never get this picture! It was not easy. She is quick and I had to run ahead to snap it!

Post lunch it was off to a cabin owned by Sally's family to shower and get some sleep. As they say the best laid plans . . . It turned out the cabin was a bit further away than expected and the Green Line a bit faster! The end result was a quick shower for each of us and then a rapid return to the course as the Green Line announced they would be done sometime before 7:00pm! In fact they would hand over the wrist strap at 6:52pm.

While the Orange Line was happy to hear that the Green Line was swiftly covering the course we were less happy to hear initial reports that some of their party was not feeling so hot. Would we need to run extra legs? Would the rotation be moved up requiring people to suddenly run legs they did not plan to? It was not yet time to panic but it was time to be concerned. Matt

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