Sunday, September 23, 2007

Orange Line Legs 5 and 6

Next up Sally and then Amy after which the Orange line could leave for lunch/dinner, a shower and a nap! Sorry, I do not have a picture of Sally on the run. But, she was terrific! Our spreadsheet had her estimated pace at 9:13 and instead she came in at a blazing, drum roll, 8:12! Wow! A minute per mile faster! The Orange Line was HOT! Next up Amy and another blindingly fast run. Her predicted pace was 9:59 and instead she ran her leg in 9:21! At 2:22pm, a full 22 minutes ahead of schedule, Amy handed the wrist strap over to Ali and the Orange Line was then off the course.

Go Green Line! By now the Orange Line was tired and hungry. But, boy were we having a good time! Matt

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