Friday, September 14, 2007

Roger Takes Off!

... no, not "takes off" as in team defection (though that may happen later)...We're officially ON THE TRAIL with Roger starting us off in style. Pre-race prep this morning included team photos, breakfast at the lodge, Garmin lesson, and pimping out the vans (Thanks Ali!!).

It's a beautiful morning for running and we have high hopes for a fantastic day.


Kirsten said...

Hi to Ulli and the rest of the team! Ulli, your peeps (cohort, posse, classmates, friends, hiking buds, etc.) are pulling for you. The weather looks beautiful in the pics!

Martijn said...

have a great run!!

chris said...

Hey guys--good luck to everyone. I wish I could be there. See you all at the finish line.

cathy said...

Go Team! You have friends in Aspen wishing you well. Here's a team tip for today: did you know you can write notes on windows using toothpaste?

Cathy and Tom Crum (Ali's mom and dad)