Saturday, September 14, 2013

A few pictures from the Day One:

Our namesake taking the easy way yet again...

Matt Speigel sprinting through the rain.  Most of the runners in Van One got soaked on their first legs.  The heavy rain was brutal.  Yet Nancy, who ran first, and everyone else in the van handled the moistness with grace and good humor.

An interesting sky as the rain stopped, the clouds broke, the sun emerged, and Van Two got to run through the cool, cloudless, moonlit night.  The members of Van Two all handled the perfect weather with grace and good humor.

5/6 of Van One.  Eugene, Catherine, Nancy, Matt, and Lisa.  Melanie was off resting up for her heroic effort uphill through the dark at 4:00 am.

Christian and Pete smiling pretty for the camera.  (Christina is doing her best to stop fidgeting four hours in advance of her next leg.)

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