Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Little Night Run

Running a relay at night is something else.  After all, how often do you run a race at night?  Normally when you end up running with a reflective vest it is because you want to get in a run when the sun has decided to hang out somewhere else.  But in a relay race?  It is just a blast!  Below are some shots of our evening.

Above you can see our first hand off from Nancy to Lisa.  In the back ground you can see some of what the runner transition areas look like.
Here I am pre run.  How do I know?  Do I look half dead?  No?  Then it must be a pre run picture!

This final shot is of Melanie just after her arrival into the finish area.  She handed off to Eugene.  Sorry, there are no night time action shots of Eugene.  With his blazing speed getting a day shot is hard enough!

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