Friday, September 13, 2013

The 2013 Rosie Ruiz Fan Club Relay Team is in New Hampshire!

Sadly, it appears I am the first one to post this year.  But despite the delay in getting your favorite blog moving along we are all safe and somewhat sound up in New Hampshire.

Yesterday the team arrived in sunny warm weather.  Strike that.  It was hot and muggy in the morning followed by torrential downpours in the evening.  Fortunately, I did not bring an umbrella.  Which in this case is good.  One of this year's rookie members Eugene and I spent a few minutes pulling the back seats out of the vans early this afternoon.  Yes, in that very pleasant hot and humid afternoon weather I just mentioned.  Eugene is young and strong.  I am old and feeble.  The net result was Eugene's pinkie was a bit tired from holding the entire seat up while he checked out the cuticles on his other fingers.  I was dripping sweat.  So when late in the evening Nancy (a one year veteran), Catherine (a rookie) and I went off for a midnight drink at the bar across the road my clothes got washed, thereby sparing my future van mates from having to tie me to the roof for the race if they wished to breath!  See, I told you it was fortunate I forgot to bring my umbrella!

Stick around as I am sure the posts and pictures (sorry I have not a single picture as yet) will be coming fast and furious in the coming hours if not minutes!

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