Thursday, September 13, 2012

Getting Ready to Go!

The adventure starts today!  Well, the adventure of packing.  Let me see what will I forget this year . . .  Last year it was my Garmin and anything warm to wear at night.  This year thanks to a last minute email from Nance, our teammate from last year who alas cannot make it this year, I will actually have long pants and a sweatshirt for the night!  Thanks Nancy!

To some degree I get to play team supply wagon.  Yours truly has the Gatorade, water, power outlets for the Green Line (van 1 to the uninitiated).  I am also in possession of a top secret equipment the team will be trying out for the first time this year.  This too is thanks to Nancy who discovered it and ordered it for the team.  This time from the whole team thank you Nancy!  Well the rest of them will thank you once they see what it is!

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