Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yea, and About that Spreadsheat

Yea, I care about keeping track of who is where and when each van is likely to have to show up at its next transition point.  You would think I was the only one who cares a lot.  But you should hear them all clucking about, "Oh that poor guy.  He just got here and his team is nowhere to be seen."  This is typically followed by, "Yea, that is really bad.  Just the worst."  You see when you get done running your heart out (No, like literally. Racing up some of the course's hills makes it seem like the ol' ticker is  going to pop right on out.  So yea, running your heart out is not too strong.) and then you find yourself abandoned and waiting for a bunch of sloths to finally show up it is sole crushing.  Now personally I like the soles on my team (my shoes too which is why I have to buy new sneakers and shoes every now and then but that is a different topic) and would not like to seem their soles crushed.

Another big problem with showing up late is the little issue of how a van that is about to get off the course for say sleep and/or food feels about just hanging around for their relief van to show up.  That has nearly happened several times.  I can tell you right now when there is even a hint this will happen the on course van starts issuing threats that one very well suspects they will make good on when the tardy half of the team finally does show up.

So if the goal is to maximize sleeping time (and let me tell you that is a major goal in this race) and not show up late for the next vehicle transition (assuming you are sleeping to keep on living) then you better keep track of when you are likely to appear at the transition area.  You think this is easy?  Try it.  People for some reason insist on running at all sorts of unexpected paces finishing their legs in various unexpected times.  No, this does not just cancel in the end.  Guesses based on what people have told you is likely can lead you to show up at a transition up to an hour early or late.  Now if you do not mind reducing your two hour window in which to catch a nap to say one hour and heading down to the transition area early for what may then be a two hour wait, why this not keeping track is a spectacular idea!  Let me know how it goes.  I am outta here . . .

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Erica said...

Point well made! Next year I will put money on the line to encourage accuracy in predicted paces! (And hope that people don't simple adjust their actual pace to match their predictions--which might put us at the beach on Sunday.)