Friday, September 14, 2012

Rosie has left the gate

Van 2 here. Taylor shot out of the starting gate at 12:20 and knowing him, won't stop for another 7.97 miles. We cheered him briefly and have been riding the course, marveling At the length of the legs, the steepness of the hills, and the hotness of the day, and smirking because we don't have to run it. Our time will come around 5:30. In the meantime we are going to a vet to get ear medicine for our mascot Lotti. Then lunch!

It is the warmest, most beautiful start day we've had. We are noticing all kinds of beautiful scenic features that in all past years have been obscured by clouds and/or driving rain.

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Nancy said...

I hope all is well with Lotti (butterfly hugs for Lotti).

Thanks for the updates and the pictures of the team! (We want to see more :)).

Glad to hear about the wonderful weather you guys are having!

Go team go!!!