Saturday, September 8, 2012

Race Weather Looks Good - A Sign of the Apocolapse?

I cannot believe it but the current forecast for this year's Reach the Beach Relay does not include torrential downpours!  In fact, it looks like we will have really nice running weather.  If it is sunny without any rain for the whole race it will be a first in my four years of running it.  I am going to go check for prophecies as to what this may mean.

Thanks to our 2011 teammate Nancy we have some surprise equipment for this year's race!  No doubt we will get lots of pictures showing it off.  Now if you are on the 2012 team make sure you are all healthy for the race start so you can see what the surprise is!


Andrew Sully Belle said...

I'm very exited to be part of the team! My name on the blog will be my coach's name: Cyril. Get ready... I'm faster than ever! Gonna honor my coach ❤

Andrew Sully Belle said...

Andrew Sully Belle are my names too... Sorry.. I have too many loves in my life ❤