Friday, September 14, 2012

Welcome Rosie to Cannon Mountain or Close

We are not up at the mountain yet.  As of now we are still at the hotel where we camped out last night.  Three rooms 12 people I think you get the idea.

My van stopped for dinner at the Woodstock Station.  Us along with a boatload of other race teams!  Needless to say all of the bigger tables were taken so we split into two tables of 4.  We went there because it received 4 stars on Yelp and dinner was pretty good.

Once at the hotel I unveiled Nancy's surprise gift to the team.  She discovered these light up glow rings.  I think she may have found a way for us to finally identify our runners at night!  Now Joe, he did not seem so psyched to wear a tween girl's party gift while running.   But I think he was just grumpy from driving up and nearly getting a speeding ticket for his troubles.  Fortunately, the cop seemed to conclude that a group heading up for a race like this must all be nitwits and who can expect nitwits to know local speed limits!  So Joe got a warning!  Let us hear it for nitwits in large groups doing silly things!

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