Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Rough Ride for Rosie But All is Well Now

This has been a hectic few days for the Rosie Ruiz Relay team.  On Monday morning Amandeep withdrew after coming down ill leaving our noble crew with 11 runners.  Plans B and C swung into play.  Plan B was to find a new twelfth runner.  Plan C was to figure out a rotation using just 11 people.  With only three days to find a new teammate, it seemed like it was going to be Plan C for sure.  But, just this afternoon, with less than 24 hours to our first van's departure for Cannon Mountain our hero arrived!  Dora is once again on the team!  Three cheers for our teammate coming to bat for us.  Appropriately, she is currently scheduled to be runner 12 in the rotation and will bring the team into the finish!  

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Jay said...

Hooray for Dora!!!