Wednesday, September 17, 2014

And The're Off!

Our first runner out of the gate was Nick.  We started under cloudy but rain free sky.  It seems like it rains every year during the race, with some luck maybe this year will be different.

I know others on the team managed to get a better picture of Nick than I did, but for now you will have to live with this one.  Nick is in a yellow shirt hidden and is mostly hidden behind the guy in blue.

Fortunately, I did get a better shot of Nick along the course:
Nick then handed the wrist strap (a.k.a. baton, but in this case gross and sweaty) to the other Matt and off he went.
Matt clearly knows how to get a good running picture!  See that smile and that form!  Nancy looks impressed too!

This is the first year I have ever run with the Orange Line.  The Green Line starts on the course first, so when Nick headed out they headed out after him!  The Orange Line started to mosey on down to the first VTA and take pictures along the way.  This shot is actually along the relay route.  It is one of the more picturesque spots with a view of the valley and a railroad track in the background as you drive along.

From left to right:  Me, Nancy, Kevin, Paula, Jay and Dora.  By now the clouds had cleared and a beautiful sunny afternoon was on tap!

Eventually we made it to the VTA and headed off to our first real test: lunch!  Yes, in on the Orange Line that is your first task, get to the VTA and eat lunch.  At first I thought we had this chore down pat.  But later that night I would find out otherwise.  But before then things looked good as we waited for a table.

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