Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Final Stretch

Breakfast ends and it is time to hit the road again!  So, off we go to the final VTA and some goofing around.  You see we have these team t-shirts.  The back looks like this:

and the front like this:
and then somebody had the brilliant idea of recreating the shirt LIVE!  So LIVE FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE IT IS THE T-SHIRT!  Okay, not as exciting as Saturday Night Live but still.
Overall, this is certainly one of my all time favorite relay pictures!  Dora was perfect for the van's "runner" sitting on top in a yoga pose.  It took some convincing but she finally agreed to handle the honors!

We did actually do some running.  Here I am somewhere in the home stretch
Later on Kevin was off and running.  What a trooper!  He had some injury issues earlier but with some help managed to ward them off and looked great in his final leg.  Here is Jay cheering him on
Finally, no Rosie Ruiz Fan Club relay would be complete without the "We finished!" team photos!  First down at the beach
and then at Jay's house with the all important road kill boards
Our road kill boards are not your typical road kill boards.  Most teams take this seriously (yes, seriously they take it seriously) and to make fun of those that do we have ours!  On a typical board you get one road kill per person you pass.  On ours, you get a sticker if you pass somebody, get passed and if you pass back and forth the sticker count can really soar! Our goal is to fill to sheets of poster board with lots of stickers and we succeeded!

Did I mention that the Green Line sand baggers saved us in the end!  Yes, it is true.  Had we arrived on schedule the poor runners in the Orange Line would have been soaked!  About an hour after we got in, it started to rain.  A cold, miserable rain began to fall.  Not fun!  But, we were done by then!

Alas, that was the end of our annual adventure!  But, I hope to see the team back in action for the 2015 Reach the Beach Relay!  Ride Rosie Ride!

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Jay said...

What a great ride for the RR Fan Club! Thanks, Cap'n Matt, for leading the way on this wonderful, memorable adventure.