Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why Blogs are Losing to Facebook

I tried posting to the blog from my cell phone.  But, mostly it just ended up saying post failed.  At least if it included pictures.  My teammates (sand baggers and all) instead posted to Facebook.  Posting there via a cell phone -- easy!  They even went so far as to create a Rosie Ruiz Fan Club 2014 Facebook page.  So if you want to see some posts about our adventures apart from what I add here, go check out the Facebook page.

In the meantime I will do my best to keep the Rosie Ruiz Fan Club blog going for at least this year.  I will add a post and picture or two per day until I cover the whole adventure.  Where to start?  Easy, at the beginning which would be Thursday night dinner!  We stayed at the Nordic Inn and as it turns out a pretty good restaurant called the Common Man is just about next door.

Clockwise from the left:  Nancy, Andrew, Robin, Jay (hey, Jay look up!), Nick, Denise and about two-thirds of Paula.

Post dinner it was off to bed and then up for a morning of van decorating!

That is Matt (the other Matt on the team) and Nick hard at work putting up the Christmas tree lights which we use at night.  Ever wonder why teams decorate their vans?  Just imagine trying to find your team's van among a few hundred identical white 15 person vans and you will get the idea.  Why put lights on top?  Imagine trying to find your van in the dark among a few hundred vans that all look alike when it is dark out!

Of course, the Green Line is not the only van that gets the royal Rosie treatment we do the same for the Orange Line.

Here you can see the somewhat finished product. The lights are up and many of the large side decorations are too.  I tell you, when you are running there is nothing like seeing that bright shiny "The Orange Line" sign up ahead!

Last here is a shot of the whole team in front of one of the finished products.

Front row from left to right:  Andrew, Robin, Jay and Denise
Back row from left to right:  Nick, Matt (the other Matt), Kevin, Jennifer, Paula, Nancy, Dora and Matt (a.k.a. me).

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