Friday, September 5, 2014

Then There Were 11 and Then 12 and Then 11 and Then . . .

Well, getting this team together has not been easy!  For the fourth, yes fourth, time we have a full compliment of 12 runners!  Earlier iterations have been hidden from those reading this blog as they occurred prior to my posting with the whose on the team list.  That list seems to have been quite ephemeral.  I am sorry to report that we lost Chris to his new employer.  But, in his place I am happy to welcome Kevin!  A big hand for Kevin for coming to our rescue at the last minute!

To keep the current roster intact, Robin suggested that until the race we wrap ourselves in bubble wrap and not pick up any calls from work.  I tried running in bubble wrap this morning and all I can say is it is really hot!  Taking a shower also proved difficult as the water just rolled right off of the plastic.  I think this idea may need some refinement.  Jay apparently lives with his boss and we have suggested he get a divorce and move out.  For some reason was not too keen on that idea.  Some people!  All right, none of this is true.  Well, none other than Robin's suggestion. :)

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