Thursday, September 18, 2014

And We're Off!

I would write at long last the Green Line arrives and it is our turn on the course.  But the Green Line turned out to be just chock full of sandbaggers!  Some people!  They showed up about an hour, an hour!, ahead of forecast.  So, after a quicker than expected lunch it was the Orange Line's turn to cover the course.

Robin comes in and Paula heads out.

As you can see by now all of the clouds cleared off and we had a beautiful afternoon and evening sky under which to begin our run.

As night settled in the temperatures started to drop and the later it got the heaver the clothing.  Here is Nancy at one of the RTA and as you can see it was now time for some long sleeved shirts.
In one of those rare night shots that looks good we see Jay waiting for our teammate's arrival.
Then in comes Kevin, out goes Dora (our last runner) and then Paula (on the right hand side of the picture) and the rest of the Orange Line get some down time for a nap.
And here we are parked for a good night's nap.
Now there was just one little detail here at the VTA.  You see, Nancy and I thought teams would be allowed to sleep in the school gym at the VTA.  No dice.  It was the van, outdoors or nothing.  Nancy and Kevin picked outdoors in sleeping bags, the rest of us shacked up on the seats in the van.  Actually, I think this worked out a lot better than the hotel option the team has used in the past.   The reduced travel time and extra nap time was a good trade.

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