Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Big Welcome to the 2012 Rosie Ruiz Fan Club Team

The first thing you may be wondering who this Matt guy is to be posting here in the team blog. Well, after being sidelined from running for two years (yes two years!) I can run again. Not as fast as I used to but I can run. That means I can rejoin the relay team! I am really glad to be back on since the Reach the Beach Relay was always one of my favorite "races" of the year. More on the quotes in a second.

Okay, why do I get to post here? Well, yours truly is actually the guy who started this team blog. In fact it is a very exclusive club. If you are on the Rosie Ruiz Relay Team you can post here too! Just let Erica or me know that you want in and we will get you registered. Beyond text if you decide to get in on the action you are also welcome to post pictures! So please feel free to help with the blogging!

Now welcome to the 2012 team's tentative lineup by running slot: In van 1, better known as the Green Orange Line, we have Bruce, Nancy, Matt, Cara, Taylor and Lisa. In van 2, the Red Green Line, our runners are Erica, Weldon, Chris, Karin, Joe and Judson. I hope everybody is ready for 36 hours of sleep deprivation in a smelly van with trash all over the place! No? Well, then you might want to prepare yourself! :)

I see from last year's blog the team set a new land speed record. After doing a bit of sleuthing on line I think I can safely say we will too! Yes, my guess is that this will be the slowest Rosie Ruiz Fan Club Reach the Beach Relay Team in history! Go team! Anybody who takes getting to the finish fast has clearly wound up in the wrong van! But, I bet we have more fun on the way than anybody else!

I look forward to seeing everybody in just a bit over a week.

MTA:  Fixed the van colors!  Sorry folks.

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