Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dinner and then Off to Run Into the Night

Backing up on my story of the Orange line's adventures I thought our loyal fans would like to see the road that led to a very unusual transition from the Orange to the Green line after leg 6.  Normally, you hand the baton directly from one van to the next.  But, with the road being washed out that was not possible.  Instead they started the Green line at 5:30 PM at what would have been the VTA and ended us at what appeared to be a backup finish line.  So, from the backup finish line we then drove to the original VTA via the washed out road.  As you can see there was a pretty good reason they had to go to Plan B.

Eventually, we got to the VTA in time to see the Green line off.  From there it was off to dinner.  Dinner was not bad; pasta at a little Italian pizza place.  We then vanned our way to the VTA.  Once there it was time to do what team Rosie does best.  Fool around!  Need to kill time in the middle of the night?  What can you do?  How about model nighttime running equipment!  The race requires runners to wear a reflective vest, a headlamp and blinking lights in the front and back.  Here we see Nancy in the latest design.

Of course, sometimes the van gets tired from a lack of sleep as well and then you have to give it a good shove to get going.

All right, perhaps she was just stretching.  As required by relay rules once your order is set it stays set.  That meant Bruce, me and then Nancy hit the road.  Alas, I do not have photos from those runs seeing as how I was getting ready while Bruce was running, I was running while I was running (making it hard to hold the camera steady!) and then trying to recover while Nancy ran.  Once recovered I then got a picture of Cara at the local RRFC water stop.

Yes, the Orange line offers top notch support and we provide water to anybody that wants.  Well anybody on the team and in the van and out running and if we like them.  Heck, doesn't everybody get water in the middle of the night on a cold New Hampshire road?

Last but not least here is Lisa to finish off our leg.  Then it was off to meet the Green line at the VTA, get the room keys and head off to bed for a whole, yes can you believe it, two and a half hours of sleep!

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