Saturday, September 17, 2011

Green Line Update

It has been a whole year since I have heard Joe stumbling around in the dark at 1:45 am swearing under his breath. Must be RTB time!

We are at a hotel, waking up from an all-too-short 2-hour nap after putting our van's first 6 legs in the can. We were blazing fast, relative to our expectations! I got a beautiful, mostly downhill 7.1 miles in the  late afternoon sun. Weldon and Joe both posted sub-6:30s, Karin powered through an absolutely brutal, soul-crushing 5 miles of big hills, and Chris and Judson both turned in 7:45s on their legs.

The great thing about being in Van 2 is first shot at the hotel rooms. We messed up the beds and used all the towels, and are now off to intercept the Orange Line at a projected 2:50am.

A few pictures from Day #1:

Bruce gets ready to kick things off as Runner #1.  It was around 44 degrees and drizzly.

Nancy models the official 2011 Rosie Ruiz Fan Club RTB tee-shirt.

Karin donated this year's blood sacrifice during her heroic uphill nighttime leg.

Speedster Joe finishes his first shift and hands the baton to Judson, who also rocked his first leg.  You can tell from the look on Joe's face that he is having a good time.

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