Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yes, updates galore are us!  The local hurricane appears to have washed out part of the course.  Due to various changes to accommodate that the course has been shortened a bit.  My personal often wrong but never in doubt pace calculator spreadsheet now claims we will arrive at the finish at 4:43pm on Saturday.

The weather forecast continues to look good.  The night legs may be a bit chilly with predicted lows around 38!  But the start should be just over 50 and the finish a beautiful 65!

In other news I think I may have figured out how to enter the location of our transition areas using latitude and longitude coordinates!  Yes, this is newsworthy since the spreadsheets the course officials provide include this information; often in lieu of an actual address.  After all what is the address of some camping area inside a park?  See what I mean?  That is why I am so proud of my discovery!

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