Sunday, September 18, 2011

Results Are In!

Unofficial results from Reach The Beach 2011:

Team Rosie finished the relay in 25 hours, 26 minutes, and 56 seconds for an over all pace of 7:57 per mile!! Wow! What an amazing experience it was this year. Both vans had a great time while getting a GREAT time. Here are a few more pictures to give a bit of a taste for what this whole thing is like:

Erica and Bruce after having Reached The Beach! It was Bruce's first time. Erica's fifth.

Erica and 3-time Rosie teammate Weldon, cooling their heels in the cold Atlantic.

Nancy, Cara, and Chris cooling down.

Chris and Weldon, discussing the Tao of running.

Rosie Ruiz Fan Club, minus Captain Erica.

Judson and Karin, basking in the afterglow.

5-timer Erica and 4-timer Chris. With the completion of this race, erica joined the 1000-mile club.

3-timers Matt, Joe, and Weldon.

Reach the Beach virgins Karin, Taylor, Cara, Lisa, Bruce ,and Nancy.

Judson, bringing it home.

Erica handing off to Weldon to begin leg Number 32 out of 36.

Judson got pretty dehydrated after his second long leg and required a bit of medical TLC. Ho bounced back strong to run the final leg with grace and a smile.

Requisite artsy shot to cleanse the palate.

Line for the porta-potty on a 36 degree morning.

Chris and Erica's dog, Lotti, did a lot of the driving.

Erica and Karin staying warm between their turns to run.

Saturday morning was misty and cold--which turned out to be perfect running conditions.

Joe, running hard through his early morning leg.

Erica's toe bled through her new shoes. Cool.

One of the other team's vans. Some teams go all out in the decorations.

All that driving tired Lotti out.

Weldon running through the twilight.

The family that runs 200-mile relays together....

Karin, with her smile that kept us all smiling.

Matt and Nancy before the start.

Team Rosie getting ready to roll at Cannon Mountain Friday morning.

Lisa listening carefully to the safety briefing before the race.

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