Friday, September 16, 2011

Orange Line First Leg: In the Books!

One van set down and now off to dinner!  After driving through a mini-van created traffic jam we found our way to a pizza and pasta place for dinner.  Free wi-fi to boot!  That, naturally, is why I can post this.

As apparently required by law or something it rained on us during the race.  Right at the start it drizzled and through most of the first six legs there were periods of light rain.  At about 5pm the clouds finally went somewhere else and the sky cleared up.  Hopefully, we are now done, done, done with the rain!  Alas, it is now freezing out!  I hope I have clothes enough for my 2am or so run.

Pre-race there was mandatory van decorating.  If you do not do this you are looking at a few hundred identical 15 person vans.  Good luck finding yours.  Here is an "aerial"shot of the proceedings.

How about actual running?  Here is a loooong distance shot of Bruce coming down the starting area.  He is towards the right of the shot in red.

So you can actually see Bruce here is a close up!  Smile Bruce!

Next I was up.  I would post pictures but I failed to get any of me!  I then handed off to Nancy who we see on the move here.

Nancy then passed our non-existent baton to Cara (non-existent due to the non-existent face-to-face hand off from the Orange to Green line as a result of the road being washed out by the hurricane a few weeks ago).  Notice, how she looks and smiles at the camera!  Take a lesson all you folks that want to look good in your action shots!

Next up was Taylor and here is at the local water bottle stop with a hand off from Nancy.

Last but not least our poor Lisa whose last leg wash washed down from 8 miles to 2!  Ugh!  But she blasted through it with aplomb.

At the VTA (yes the one we were originally supposed to meet at pre-hurricane) we caught up to the Green line.  They were assigned a 5:30 start (long story for later on) and we manged to get there around 5.  Along the way our team "tagged" this van with the Brooklyn Subway Team with our "You Have Been Ridden by Rosie Ruiz" magnet.  You can see it towards the back of the van above and to the left of the orange circle.  It is a round magnet with the T in the middle.  In the photo it is close to upside down.

Before I sign off for now here is Captain Erica on her way to start the Green line on its way!

That is all for now!

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