Friday, September 16, 2011

Joe You Owe the Canadian Contingent $15

I asked if people wanted me to get them tickets to the dinner sponsored by the relay race.  I got a couple of takers.  Not Joe.  He claimed to have purchased one already.  To that he added that he had purchased them twice before and both times arrived too late to use them.  Ever the optimist, he was going to get one this year too!  Then again we had two vans going up this year.  An early one leaving New Haven around 1:30 and a late one leaving . . . well the goal was 3:00.  Oh, yea, Joe?  He was going on the late one this year.  Hmm, wonder if when you get to this fine dinner we can somehow claim his ticket . . . why waste a perfectly good ticket?

At 1:30 Nance, Bruce and I headed off to Hartford in order to rendezvous with our Canadian contingent.  We met right on time at 2:30 and headed up for dinner.  Upon arriving at Cannon Mountain it naturally started raining.  I tell it always rains when I come up for this race!  This year something must have gone wrong with the scheduling since it is actually supposed to be sunny the two days we will actually be outside running.  That means today and tomorrow.

I tell you the dinner put on by the race is of the highest quality!  Just as you imagine your $15 ticket would buy.  Maybe even comparable to junior high cafeteria food.  Well perhaps not that good.  Okay, back to our story. 

We get up to the mountain and discover the tickets are in the pickup packets for each team.  The problem is that Captain Erica is in the late van and we need her to get the packet.  Most of the staff has no idea if you are allowed to just get the meal tickets.  Eventually we find somebody in charge.  They say no problem, lead me to the packet and pull out the four tickets in there.  One for me, one for Nancy, one for Bruce and no doubt Joe's now claimed ticket.  Well, not quite.  You see it was Lisa's ticket.  Joe never actually bought one!  The scoundrel! It seems to me if you are going to claim you will do something silly and irrational it is your duty to do it.  So Joe, in my humble opinion, you owe our Canadian squadron Karin, Cara, Judson and Taylor $15!

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