Sunday, September 18, 2011

Middle of the night Green Line update

The Green Line took over at 2:45 AM at the NH Technical College.  We enjoyed a beautiful clear night with lots of stars and a road lit by an almost-full moon, which made it all the easier to see our breath and the frost forming on the ends of our noses.  It was teeth-chattering cold, though we all had plenty of work to keep us warm. Leg 20 is notoriously hard, a middle-of-the-night, 9.2 mile haul up one neverending mountain. It is a mental beast as much as a physical one, with frequent gentle downswells that make the runner think he is over the worst part, before pitching sharply uphill at an angle more severe than the last.  It is so demoralizing to see those red lights bobbing in the night sky in front of you; you think they are a low-flying aircraft, but really they belong to the runner who is .25 miles and 1000 vertical feet ahead of you.

Overheard at this Transition Area by an obvious Boston local: “Holy Shit! That was fackin’ hahd!”


chris said...

And yet, Weldon did this leg in about 7:00 minutes per mile.

Erica said...

Ahem. Um, 6:32s.