Friday, September 23, 2011

The Last Orange Line Leg

The final lap to the beach came all too quickly! Two and a half hours of sleep then rise and, er, shine? Not really all that shiny to be honest. At least we had a GPS system to guide us. Better yet we had Lisa driving us to the VTA and Cara navigating. Why better yet? Well they had way more confidence in the GPS getting us to where we had to go than I did. Bottom line: They got us to the VTA without any irrelevant detours that yours truly the skeptic would have imposed on us. So thank you ladies!

The VTA is located in beautiful wooded area within a state park. Captain Erica was not the only one to get an early morning shot of the little lake at what was just a magnificent area to start our final leg.

While Captain Erica arranged for us to sleep at a nearby hotel others chose to ruff it in the VTA camping area.  Actually, quite a few!

While waiting around the crew, sans Nancy and your author posed for a few pre-leg pictures.

You have to be impressed at how happy they look given they are in some sort of sleep deprived zombie state!  Once on the road it appears some people really need to learn some patience.  Here I am waiting for Bruce to come by with the baton for me to head off with.

After I got going it seems my mood brightened considerably, at least if you believe this picture.

Actually, what is going on is me laughing because I thought (it would seem incorrectly) that Nancy, the photographer here, had missed getting me coming by despite what appeared to be numerous attempts to get a shot.  Shows what I know!

Back in the van I took over the camera again and got this shot of Cara on the run during what was a bright and warm (at last!) morning.

Next up for his photo shot of the morning was Taylor.

Then at long last a really good shot of Lisa on the run.

After Lisa it was off to the final VTA.  There we handed off the baton for the final time and then headed by van to the beach for lunch/dinner and guess what?  More pictures!  But those will have to wait for the next post.

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