Thursday, September 22, 2011

of courage and toilet costume and catching up

Yeah...Van1 was ready for the dark night run after a great pasta meal and a few arguments what we should eat and where we should eat.

Here is our Van1 captain ready for his night leg. Unfortunately the blinking lights of his brand new vest did not work...yes! a nightmare we all feared, which cost Nancy two orders of beer at the end of the race :(/
While Van2 was running their leg, we drove into the sunset and got ready for our next leg...our night time run, yeah!!! bring the darkness in!!! we are ready!!!
Van1 one miraculously met up with Van2. Here is the gang chatting along, trying to catch up with the "relay happenings"

Here is our cute and faithful mascot and Chris cheering on our next runner...our OWN team captain, Erica (who did not know she had to put up with a toilet warm up routine)
While the toilet warm up was happening our vibrant captain was trying to warm up for her next leg. Ohhh the horrific things a team captain has to put up with.

Someone mentioned about the things you must put up with while running a relay, one of them being a poorly choreographed toilet warm up routine. I must admit I found this act a top notch performance considering where we the boonies.. and the courageous teenager who volunteered to be the clown of the afternoon as his welcoming act to his community.

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Erica said...

Just to be clear: The "toilet warm-up" did not involve an actual toilet. As you may have inferred from the posts, it was a kid dressed up in a toilet costume making us do a silly dance. You can't see him in these pictures, which may have led some of you to a different idea of what "toilet dance" I was actually doing.