Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Organge Line Reaches the Beach!

After handing off the baton to the Green Line in true Rosie fashion it was time to drive to the finish line!  Off we went in search of lunch/dinner while we waited for our teammates to arrive.

Once at Hampton Beach we had one last task to complete before chowing down:  Pictures with our Road Kill Counter Board!  Yes, following tradition you get a sticker whether you pass somebody or get passed!  The only difference is the type.  If you do the passing you get a happy little sticker with something cute on it like a puppy dog, a butterfly or some such.  If you get passed you get a Halloween sticker.  To be honest, the Halloween ones look was cooler!

Here then are Bruce and Lisa:

Followed by Bruce, Nancy and me.

Last but not least of the pictures I have is the annual poster closeup.

After ceremoniously laying the road kill counter to rest (meaning tossing it in a nearby garbage can) it was off to lunch.  The race provides lunch at the finish area.  If you ever do this relay I can tell what it will be since it never varies:  New England clam chowder, oyster crackers, roast chicken, roast new potatoes, and a butter soaked vegetable medley.  Vegetarians can substitute what looks like a linguini Alfredo for the chicken.  After eating almost nothing other than granola bars for two days even this stuff takes good!

Once the Green line showed up we collected our finisher medals and lined up for a few last pictures.  First here is the Orange line

and our whole team:

Alas, that ends this year's adventures.  As always this race is a blast and in no small part to Captain Erica and the wonderful people she always recruits!  That is my version of our story until the next van or public transportation ride billed as a "race."  I hope to see everybody again in 2013!

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