Monday, September 12, 2011

Well RRFC readers there are only three days left until the team departs for the starting area!  So far so good in terms of the weather report.  According to (zip code 03580) it appears that both Friday and Saturday will be sun filled with ideal running conditions!

You say you want to follow your favorite relay team in real time?  Well we can help you out!  At least whenever there is a WIFI connection we can!  Expect to see updates on occasion when we can upload pictures.  My cell will let me handle brief updates as well as upload cell phone quality (i.e. not all that great) pictures.  Other members on the team may be helping to keep our fans informed as well.

So when do we start you ask?  Who is running when you want to know?  Here are some answers:

We start at high noon on Friday.  My magical pace and time crystal ball (i.e. Excel spreadsheet with a lot of built in guesses) has us finishing around 6:30pm on Saturday.  In running order we present this year's team!

Staffing the Orange Line: Bruce, Nancy, Matt, Cara, Taylor and Lisa.  Yea team!

Staffing the Green Line:  Captain Erica, Weldon, Chris, Karin, Joe and Judson.  Go team!

We expect to hear about lots of virtual cheering so remember to follow along as we cruise through New Hampshire at around 7.5 miles an hour!

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heather t said...

Good luck you all!